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Load response of the natural tooth and dental implant: A comparative biomechanics study

Dale Robinson, Luis Aguilar, Andrea Gatti, Jaafar Abduo, Peter Vee Sin Lee, David Ackland

The Journal of Advanced Prosthodontics | The Korean Academy of Prosthodontics | Published : 2019


While dental implants have displayed high success rates, poor mechanical fixation is a common complication, and their biomechanical response to occlusal loading remains poorly understood. This study aimed to develop and validate a computational model of a natural first premolar and a dental implant with matching crown morphology, and quantify their mechanical response to loading at the occlusal surface. A finite-element model of the stomatognathic system comprising the mandible, first premolar and periodontal ligament (PDL) was developed based on a natural human tooth, and a model of a dental implant of identical occlusal geometry was also created. Occlusal loading was simulated using point..

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