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Genetic discrimination by Australian insurance companies: a survey of consumer experiences

Jane Tiller, Susan Morris, Toni Rice, Krystal Barter, Moeen Riaz, Louise Keogh, Martin B Delatycki, Margaret Otlowski, Paul Lacaze

European Journal of Human Genetics | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2020


We report previously undocumented evidence of genetic discrimination by Australian insurance companies, obtained through direct consumer reports. We surveyed 174 consumers with cancer-predisposing variants, recruited by cancer organisations Lynch Syndrome Australia and Pink Hope. Questions related to experiences accessing risk-rated insurance after genetic testing. Results indicate that both legal (permitted under current regulation) and illegal discrimination is occurring. Although some respondents had not applied for risk-rated insurance, or had insurance in place before genetic testing (n = 100), those seeking new policies (n = 74) commonly experienced difficulties obtaining insurance (86..

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