Conference Proceedings

Use of fine rubber particles as fine concrete aggregates in actively confined concrete

A Gholampour, T Ozbakkaloglu, R Hassanli

Key Engineering Materials | Trans Tech Publications | Published : 2017


© 2017 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. This study presents the results of the experimental study on the axial compressive behavior of the rubberized concrete under active confinement. Two different mixes of concretes with rubber replacement ratios of 0%, as a control mix, and 18% were prepared. The effects of the incorporation of rubber and the confining pressure on the compressive behavior of concrete were examined through tests of unconfined and actively confined concrete cylinders. The active confinement was applied by a Hoek cell at different pressures, including 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 MPa. The results indicate that the rubberized concrete exhibits lower compressive strength bu..

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