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A new frog species from rapidly dwindling cloud forest streams of Sri Lanka-Lankanectes pera (Anura, Nyctibatrachidae)

Gayani Senevirathne, VAMPK Samarawickrama, Nayana Wijayathilaka, Kelum Manamendra-Arachchi, Gayan Bowatte, DRNS Samarawickrama, Madhava Meegaskumbura

ZOOTAXA | MAGNOLIA PRESS | Published : 2018


The monotypic genus Lankanectes, considered an evolutionary long branch with India's Nyctibatrachus as its sister lineage, is represented by L. corrugatus, a species widely distributed within the wet zone of Sri Lanka up to 1500 m asl, where it inhabits a variety of lotic and lentic habitats. Here, following an integrative taxonomic approach using DNA-based phylogenies, morphology, morphometry, and ecological niche models, we describe a new species-Lankanectes pera sp. nov. The new species is distinguished from its sister species mainly by its tuberculated throat and absence of dark patches on venter, throat, manus and pes. The uncorrected genetic distances between the two Lankanectes specie..

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Awarded by National Research Council of Sri Lanka

Awarded by Rufford Small Grant

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the following individuals and organizations: an anonymous reviewer and Miguel Vences for suggesting improvements to the manuscript; Department of Wildlife Conservation and Forest Department of Sri Lanka for research permits and logistical support at their respective reserves; National Research Council of Sri Lanka (NRC 11-124) for graduate student support; members of the EES lab for field support. GS acknowledges the Rufford Small Grant (No. 192721) and NW, the Nagao Natural Environment Foundation for funding part of this work.