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Secondary Structural Changes in Proteins as a Result of Electroadsorption at Aqueous-Organogel Interfaces

Samuel G Booth, Bren Mark B Felisilda, Eva Alvarez de Eulate, Ove JR Gustafsson, Mahreen Arooj, Ricardo L Mancera, Robert AW Dryfe, Mark J Hackett, Damien WM Arrigan



The electroadsorption of proteins at aqueous-organic interfaces offers the possibility to examine protein structural rearrangements upon interaction with lipophilic phases, without modifying the bulk protein or relying on a solid support. The aqueous-organic interface has already provided a simple means of electrochemical protein detection, often involving adsorption and ion complexation; however, little is yet known about the protein structure at these electrified interfaces. This work focuses on the interaction between proteins and an electrified aqueous-organic interface via controlled protein electroadsorption. Four proteins known to be electroactive at such interfaces were studied: lyso..

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