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Roadkill mitigation is paved with good intentions: a critique of Fox et al. (2019)

Graeme Coulson, Helena Bender

Australian Mammalogy | CSIRO PUBLISHING | Published : 2020


In a recent publication, Fox et al. (2019) described a three-year trial of a ‘virtual fence’ installed to reduce wildlife roadkills in north-eastern Tasmania. The authors reported a 50% reduction in total roadkills, concluding that the ‘virtual fence’ had the potential to substantially reduce roadkill rates. The field of roadkill mitigation has a long history of promising techniques that are ultimately found wanting, so we evaluated the conceptual basis of the ‘virtual fence’ and the design and analysis of the trial. Of the two stimuli emitted by the ‘virtual fence’, its lights only partly match the sensory capabilities of the target species, its sound frequency is suitable but the intensity..

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