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Membrane gas-solvent contactors undergoing oscillating solvent flow for enhanced carbon dioxide capture

Elaheh Hosseini, Geoffrey W Stevens, Colin A Scholes

Separation and Purification Technology | Pergamon Press | Published : 2019


Membrane gas-solvent contactors are a hybrid approach that combine membrane gas separation with solvent absorption to undertake highly efficient CO2 removal. However, solvent boundary layer in many gas-solvent membrane contactors has a high mass transfer resistance to CO2 capture. Here, for the first time, an oscillating solvent flow was applied to a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) membrane contactor system to enhance the absorption of CO2. The oscillating solvent flow enhanced the overall mass transfer coefficient of CO2 (Kov) compared to the non-oscillating solvent flow. The effect of the oscillating solvent frequency and amplitude on Kov was investigated. Increasing the oscillating frequency ..

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