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Global biogeography of coral recruitment: tropical decline and subtropical increase

NN Price, S Muko, L Legendre, R Steneck, MJH van Oppen, R Albright, P Ang, RC Carpenter, APY Chui, T-Y Fan, RD Gates, S Harii, H Kitano, H Kurihara, S Mitarai, JL Padilla-Gamino, K Sakai, G Suzuki, PJ Edmunds



Despite widespread climate-driven reductions of coral cover on tropical reefs, little attention has been paid to the possibility that changes in the geographic distribution of coral recruitment could facilitate beneficial responses to the changing climate through latitudinal range shifts. To address this possibility, we compiled a global database of normalized densities of coral recruits on settlement tiles (corals m-2) deployed from 1974 to 2012, and used the data therein to test for latitudinal range shifts in the distribution of coral recruits. In total, 92 studies provided 1253 records of coral recruitment, with 77%origi nating fromsettlement tiles immersed for 3-24 mo, herein defined as..

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Awarded by US National Science Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank C. Edwards for help in creating the maps and B. Honisch for her help copy-editing. This work was made possible by funding from the US National Science Foundation (OCE 10-41270 to P.J.E. and R.C.C., with additional support from DEB 13-50146, OCE 16-37396, and OCE 15-38151) and the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST, Japan), which supported the creation of the database and a meeting in 2013 of the working group 'Biogeographic variation in coral recruitment in an era of climate change and ocean acidification'. We also thank the anonymous reviewers who improved the quality of the manuscript. This is Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium contribution number PARC-149.