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A Leak in the Academic Pipeline: Identity and Health Among Postdoctoral Women

Renate Ysseldyk, Katharine H Greenaway, Elena Hassinger, Sarah Zutrauen, Jana Lintz, Maya P Bhatia, Margaret Frye, Else Starkenburg, Vera Tai



Several challenges (e.g., sexism, parental leave, the glass ceiling, etc.) disproportionately affect women in academia (and beyond), and thus perpetuate the leaky pipeline metaphor for women who opt-out of an academic career. Although this pattern can be seen at all levels of the academic hierarchy, a critical time for women facing such challenges is during the postdoctoral stage, when personal life transitions and professional ambitions collide. Using a social identity approach, we explore factors affecting the mental health of postdoctoral women, including identity development (e.g., as a mother, a scientist) and lack of control (uncertainty about one's future personal and professional pro..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by a Global Scholar Creativity Grant awarded to RY, KG, EH, MB, MF, ES, and VT by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) and by a Women and Work Research Incubator Grant awarded to RY, KG, EH, MB, MF, ES, and VT by the Carleton University Centre for Research and Education on Women and Work (CREWW).