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A fine balance: Accommodation dominated control of contemporaneous cool-carbonate shelf-edge clinoforms and tropical reef-margin trajectories, North Carnarvon Basin, Northwestern Australia

Ingrid Anell, Malcolm W Wallace

SEDIMENTOLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2020


The concurrent development of a cool-carbonate Miocene clinoform system and the tropical reef which developed on its shelf in the North Carnarvon Basin is studied. The study, based on seismic interpretation and geometrical analysis, seeks to investigate how the architecture of the clinoforms develops in relation to the advance of the reef-margin, providing a proxy for discussing contemporaneous shoreline versus shelf-edge development. The progradation of the reef and shelf-edge often display a closely mirrored development, although the reef twice advances an order of two to three times the concurrent advance of the shelf-edge. The forced regression of the second advance, as compared to the n..

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Awarded by Research Council of Norway (RCN)

Funding Acknowledgements

The work has significantly improved by insightful and helpful input from Adjunct Professor Vitor Abreu, Dr Erwin Adams, Professor Peter Clift and Professor Mike Pope. This work has been (partially) funded by the project Reconstructing the Triassic Northern Barents shelf; basin infill patterns controlled by gentle sags and faults (Trias North - north/) under grant 234152 from the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and with financial support from Tullow Oil Norge, Lundin Norway, Equinor, Edison Norge and Dea Norge, with additional financial aid from the Kristine Bonnevie Travel stipend. We kindly acknowledge the use of Petrel 2015, by Schlumberger, under academic license which was used for all seismic interpretations and map compilations. A special thank you to the University of Melbourne for hosting an academic visit and providing access to the data used in this study.