Conference Proceedings

Crowd-powered interfaces for creative design thinking

J Oppenlaender, N Shireen, M Mackeprang, H Erhan, J Goncalves, S Hosio

Proceedings of the 2019 on Creativity and Cognition | ACM | Published : 2019


© 2019 Authors. Crowdsourcing is a powerful approach for tapping into the collective insights of diverse crowds. Thus, crowdsourcing has potential to support designers in making sense of a design space. In this hands-on workshop, we will brainstorm and conceptualise new user interfaces and crowdsourcing systems for supporting designers in the design process. The workshop consists of developmental discussions of ideas contributed by the participants. In brainstorming and design sessions in groups, the participants will ideate new crowd-powered systems and user interfaces that support the designer's divergent and convergent thinking.