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Biodiversity patterns and ecological processes in Neotropical dry forest: the need to connect research and management for long-term conservation

G Escribano-Avila, L Cervera, L Ordóñez-Delgado, A Jara-Guerrero, L Amador, B Paladines, J Briceño, V Parés-Jiménez, DJ Lizcano, DH Duncan, C Iván Espinosa

Neotropical Biodiversity | Published : 2017


Neotropical dry forests are among the most diverse and threatened ecosystems worldwide. The extent and knowledge of Neotropical dry forests are quite heterogeneous with forests located in the Ecuadorian province especially diverse, threatened and poorly studied. In this work, we review patterns and conservation status of biodiversity, ecosystem processes and human perception of tropical dry forest of the Ecuadorian province. We found that patterns of biodiversity, endemism and conservation status are generally poorly studied. Overall, these forests provide habitat for at least 900 species including trees, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles. On average 18% of these species (range 6–25%) ..

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