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Male-Dominated Occupations, Employment Status, and Suicidal Behaviors Among Australian Men A Follow-Up Study Using Two Waves of Data From the Ten to Men Cohort

Allison J Milner, Marissa Shields, Dianne Currier, Tania L King

Crisis | HOGREFE & HUBER PUBLISHERS | Published : 2020


Background: Suicide rates are higher among unemployed men as well as those employed in male-dominated occupations such as construction. There has been less research on whether these patterns are similar for suicide ideation and attempt. Aims: In a cohort of 13,892 Australian males, this study examined the relationship between employment status and occupational gender ratio on reported thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts. Method: Men reporting suicide ideation or attempts at Wave 1 were removed from the sample. Logistic regression was used to examine Wave 1 employment status and occupational gender ratio and Wave 2 reported suicide ideation and attempts, controlling for confounders (meas..

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