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Role of JNK, MEK and adenylyl cyclase signalling in speed and directionality of enteric neural crest-derived cells

Marlene M Hao, Annette J Bergner, TH Nguyen Huynh, Paige Dissanayake, Laura E Burnett, C Danielle Hopkins, Kevin Zeng, Heather M Young, Lincon A Stamp

Developmental Biology | ACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCE | Published : 2019


BACKGROUND: Cells derived from the neural crest colonize the developing gut and give rise to the enteric nervous system. The rate at which the ENCC population advances along the bowel will be affected by both the speed and directionality of individual ENCCs. The aim of the study was to use time-lapse imaging and pharmacological activators and inhibitors to examine the role of several intracellular signalling pathways in both the speed and the directionality of individual enteric neural crest-derived cells in intact explants of E12.5 mouse gut. Drugs that activate or inhibit intracellular components proposed to be involved in GDNF-RET and EDN3-ETB signalling in ENCCs were used. FINDINGS: Phar..

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