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Visualization and Tools for Analysis of Zebrafish Lymphatic Development

Kazuhide S Okuda, Sungmin Baek, Benjamin M Hogan

LYMPHANGIOGENESIS: METHODS AND PROTOCOLS | Methods in Molecular Biology | HUMANA PRESS INC | Published : 2018


The accessibility and optical transparency of the zebrafish embryo offers a unique platform for live-imaging of developmental lymphangiogenesis. Transgenic lines labelling lymphatic progenitors and vessels enable researchers to visualize cellular processes and ask how they contribute to lymphatic development in genetic models. Furthermore, validated immunofluorescence staining for key signaling and cell fate markers (phosphorylated Erk and Prox1) allow single cell resolution studies of lymphatic differentiation. Here, we describe in detail how zebrafish embryos and larvae can be mounted for high resolution, staged imaging of lymphatic networks, how lymphangiogenesis can be reliably quantifie..

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