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Measuring the host-seeking ability of Aedes aegypti destined for field release

Meng-Jia Lau, Nancy Endersby-Harshman, Jason Axford, Scott Ritchie, Ary Hoffmann, Perran Ross

Published : 2019


Host-seeking is an essential process in mosquito reproduction. Field releases of modified mosquitoes for population transformation rely on successful host-seeking by female mosquitoes, but host-seeking ability is rarely tested in a realistic context. We tested the host-seeking ability of female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes using a semi-field system. Females with different Wolbachia infection types ( w Mel-, w AlbB-infected and uninfected) or from different origins (laboratory and field) were released at one end of a semi-field cage and recaptured as they landed on human experimenters fifteen meters away. Mosquitoes from each population were then identified with molecular tools or through marking..

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