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The Challenge of Transparency and Validation in Health Economic Decision Modelling: A View from Mount Hood

Seamus Kent, Frauke Becker, Talitha Feenstra, Tran-Duy An, Iryna Schlackow, Michelle Tew, Ping Zhang, Wen Ye, Lizheng Shi, William Herman, Phil McEwan, Wendelin Schramm, Alastair Gray, Jose Leal, Mark Lamotte, Michael Willis, Andrew J Palmer, Philip Clarke



Transparency in health economic decision modelling is important for engendering confidence in the models and in the reliability of model-based cost-effectiveness analyses. The Mount Hood Diabetes Challenge Network has taken a lead in promoting transparency through validation with biennial conferences in which diabetes modelling groups meet to compare simulated outcomes of pre-specified scenarios often based on the results of pivotal clinical trials. Model registration is a potential method for promoting transparency, while also reducing the duplication of effort. An important network initiative is the ongoing construction of a diabetes model registry (

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