Book Chapter

Inclusion and innovation: a call to action

Paul Tracey, Gerard George, Ted Baker, Havovi Joshi, Gerard George, Ted Baker, Paul Tracey, Havovi Joshi

Handbook of inclusive innovation: the role of organizations, markets and communities in social | Edward Elgar Publishing | Published : 2019


Social inclusion is at the heart of sustainable development. Inclusion implies that a concerted effort is required to bring the "excluded", marginalized or disenfranchised. Inclusion implies that there are structural and systemic barriers that reinforce this exclusion, making it challenging to be inclusive. The United Nations (UN) 2015 Sustainable Development Goals keeps social inclusion at the core of its 17 goals, that sustainability, prosperity and growth should be shared across all inhabitants of this world. Social indicators reveal that while we are living longer and, in many countries, healthier lives, the distribution of wealth has become less equal, and social and economic opportunit..

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