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Extraction of Lead, Cadmium and Nickel from Contaminated Soil Using Acetic Acid

Hatem Asal Gzar, Awatif S Abdul-Hameed, Asmaa Younus Yahya

Open Journal of Soil Science | Scientific Research Publishing, Inc, | Published : 2014


The accumulation of heavy metals in soil is a serious environmental problem. It is well known that heavy metals have an affinity for different compartments of soil. The risk associated with the presence of metals in soil is the ability of their transfer in water or plants. In the present research, batch extraction experiments were conducted using acetic acid (AA) as an extractant solution at various concentrations and contact times to determine the best conditions of soil washing process to achieve high heavy metal removal efficiencies. AA was investigated for its applicability for the removal of lead, cadmium and nickel from soil. Batch soil washing experiments were performed on 1.0 g porti..

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