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Measurement of branching fraction and final-state asymmetry for the (B)over-bar(0) -> (KSK -/ )-K-0 pi( /-) decay

Y-T Lai, I Adachi, H Aihara, S Al Said, DM Asner, H Atmacan, V Aulchenko, T Aushev, V Babu, I Badhrees, AM Bakich, V Bansal, P Behera, C Beleno, B Bhuyan, T Bilka, J Biswal, A Bobrov, A Bozek, M Bracko Show all



We report a measurement of the branching fraction and final-state asymmetry for the B0?KS0K±p± decays. The analysis is based on a data sample of 711 fb-1 collected at the ?(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e+e- collider. We obtain a branching fraction of (3.60±0.33±0.15)×10-6 and a final-state asymmetry of (-8.5±8.9±0.2)%, where the first uncertainties are statistical and the second are systematic. Hints of peaking structures are found in the differential branching fractions measured as functions of Dalitz variables.


Awarded by Excellence Cluster Universe (Germany)

Awarded by Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (MSHE) (Russia)

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the KEKB group for excellent operation of the accelerator; the KEK cryogenics group for efficient solenoid operations; and the KEK computer group, the NII, and PNNL/EMSL for valuable computing and SINET5 network support. We acknowledge support from MEXT, JSPS and Nagoya's the Tau-Lepton Physics Research Center (TLPRC) (Japan); ARC (Australia); FWF (Austria); NSFC and the Chinese Academy of Science Center for Excellence in Particle Physics (CCEPP) (China); MSMT (Czechia); the Carl Zeiss Foundation (CZF), DFG, the Excellence Cluster Universe (EXC153), and the VolkswagenStiftung (VS) (Germany); DST (India); INFN (Italy); MOE, MSIP, NRF, RSRI, Foreign Large-size Research Facility Application Supporting project (FLRFAS) project and GSDC of KISTI and Korea Research Environment Open Network (KREONET)/Global Ring Network for Advanced Application Development (GLORIAD) (Korea); MNiSW and NCN (Poland); Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (MSHE), Grant No. 14.W03.31.0026 (Russia);ARRS (Slovenia); IKERBASQUE (Spain); SNSF (Switzerland); MOE and MOST (Taiwan); and DOE and NSF (USA).