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Spatial Variability of Aroma Profiles of Cocoa Trees Obtained Through Computer Vision and Machine Learning Modelling: A Cover Photography and Satellite Imagery Application

Sigfredo Fuentes, Gabriela Chacon, Damir Torrico, Andrea Zarate, Claudia Gonzalez Viejo

Published : 2019


Cocoa is an important commodity crop not only to produce one of the most complex products such as chocolate from the sensory perspective, but one that commonly grows in developing countries close to the tropics. This paper presents novel techniques applied using cover photography and a novel computer application (VitiCanopy) to assess the canopy architecture of cocoa trees in a commercial plantation in Queensland, Australia. From the cocoa trees monitored, pod samples were collected, fermented, dried and grinded to obtain the aroma profile per tree using gas chromatography. The canopy architecture data were used as inputs in an artificial neural network (ANN) algorithm and the aroma profile ..

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