Using Synchronous Fluorescence to Investigate Compounds and Interactions Influencing Foam Characteristics in Sparkling Wines

Bruna Condé, Alanna Robinson, Amandine Bodet, Anne-Charlotte Monteau, Sigfredo Fuentes, Geoffrey Scollary, Trevor Smith, Kate Howell

Published : 2019


The appearance of bubbles and foam can influence the likeability of a wine even before its consumption. Since foams are essential to visual and taste attributes of sparkling wines, it is of great importance to understand which compounds affect bubbles and foam characteristics. The aim of this work was to investigate the effect of interactions among proteins, amino acids, and phenols on the characteristics of foam in sparkling wines by using synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy techniques. Results has shown that several compounds present in sparkling wines influence foam quality differently, and importantly, highlighted how the interaction of those compounds might result in different effects..

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