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Interconversion between Tumorigenic and Differentiated States in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Mark D McKenzie, Margherita Ghisi, Ethan P Oxley, Steven Ngo, Luisa Cimmino, Cecile Esnault, Ruijie Liu, Jessica M Salmon, Charles C Bell, Nouraiz Ahmed, Michael Erlichster, Matthew T Witkowski, Grace J Liu, Michael Chopin, Aleksandar Dakic, Emilia Simankowicz, Giovanna Pomilio, Tina Vu, Pavle Krsmanovic, Shian Su Show all

Cell Stem Cell | CELL PRESS | Published : 2019


Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC)

Awarded by SNF

Awarded by NHRMC Career Development Fellowship

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank B. Coghlan, S. Brown, K. Stoev, C. Alvarado, L. Whitehead, M. Scott, M. Lee, S. Dietrich, and M. Halemba for technical assistance; G. Paukovics, E. Orlowski-Oliver, and M. Costa at the AMREP Flow Facility; S. Wilcox, M. Everest, Y. Zhang, B. Whittle, S. Macraild, and F. Brown for NGS; S. Fleming, M. Gorniak, and A. Ivey at the Alfred Hospital; S. Lowe and L. Dow for MSCV-IRES-tTA; and B. Kile, D. Curtis, S. Ting, J. Hamilton, A. Perkins, M. Plebanski, and members of the Dickins laboratory for insights. This study was supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC) project grant 1057854, Australian Government NHMRC IRIISS, Victorian State Government OIS grants, an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (S.L.N.), Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research (B.A.C.), SNF grant 179490 (T.S.), AZV 16-31586A UNCE/MED/016 Progres Q26 (V.P.), Boehringer Ingelheim (J.Z.), Leukaemia Foundation of Australia Postdoctoral Fellowship (M.D.M.), NHRMC Career Development Fellowship 1104924 (M.E.R.), a Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation Fellowship (R.A.D.), and a Victorian Endowment for Science, Knowledge and Innovation (VESKI) Fellowship (R.A.D. and M.A.D.).