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Assessing the degree of hydrologic stress due to climate change

RJ Nathan, TA McMahon, MC Peel, A Horne

Climatic Change: an interdisciplinary, international journal devoted to the description, causes and implications of climatic change | Springer (part of Springer Nature) | Published : 2019


Hydrologists are commonly involved in impact, adaption and vulnerability assessments for climate change projections. This paper presents a framework for how such assessments can better differentiate between the impacts of climate change and those of natural variability, an important differentiation as it relates to the vulnerability to water availability under change. The key concept involved is to characterize “hydrologic stress” relative to the range of behaviour encountered under baseline conditions, where the degree to which climate change causes the behaviour of a system to shift outside this baseline range provides a non-dimensional measure of stress. The concept is applicable to any s..

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