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Emerging Roles for Serotonin in Regulating Metabolism: New Implications for an Ancient Molecule.

Julian M Yabut, Justin D Crane, Alexander E Green, Damien J Keating, Waliul I Khan, Gregory R Steinberg

Endocrine Reviews | Published : 2019


Serotonin is a phylogenetically ancient biogenic amine that has played an integral role in maintaining energy homeostasis for billions of years. In mammals, serotonin produced within the central nervous system regulates behavior, suppresses appetite, and promotes energy expenditure by increasing sympathetic drive to brown adipose tissue. In addition to these central circuits, emerging evidence also suggests an important role for peripheral serotonin as a factor that enhances nutrient absorption and storage. Specifically, glucose and fatty acids stimulate the release of serotonin from the duodenum, promoting gut peristalsis and nutrient absorption. Serotonin also enters the bloodstream and in..

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