Conference Proceedings

A cloud bidding framework for deadline constrained jobs

HM Dipu Kabir, AS Sabyasachi, A Khosravi, MA Hosen, S Nahavandi, R Buyya

2019 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT) | IEEE | Published : 2019


© 2019 IEEE. Reliable completion of the computing jobs through Amazon spot instances (SIs) with proper bargaining is challenging. Therefore, an SI bidding system is developed for deadline constrained jobs considering both the conditions of the market and the condition of the user. The system tries to bargain with the provider by bidding low when the task is not urgent. After that, the system increases the price or the price distribution gradually when the progress is lower than required. To calculate the bid distribution, we compute the probability density of the price after five minutes. Then, we apply our developed equations to compute bid-prices from the probability density function. Equa..

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