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Strategically-motivated advanced persistent threat: Definition, process, tactics and a disinformation model of counterattack

Atif Ahmad, Jeb Webb, Kevin C Desouza, James Boorman

Computers and Security | Elsevier | Published : 2019


Advanced persistent threat (APT) is widely acknowledged to be the most sophisticated and potent class of security threat. APT refers to knowledgeable human attackers that are organized, highly sophisticated and motivated to achieve their objectives against a targeted organization(s) over a prolonged period. Strategically-motivated APTs or S-APTs are distinct in that they draw their objectives from the broader strategic agenda of third parties such as criminal syndicates, nation-states, and rival corporations. In this paper we review the use of the term “advanced persistent threat,” and present a formal definition. We then draw on military science, the science of organized conflict, for a the..

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