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Promoting CO2 hydrogenation to methanol by incorporating adsorbents into catalysts: Effects of hydrotalcite

X Fang, Y Men, F Wu, Q Zhao, R Singh, P Xiao, T Du, PA Webley

Chemical Engineering Journal | Elsevier BV | Published : 2019


CO2 hydrogenation, in which CO2 conversion to methanol plays a key role, is of increasing importance in mitigating the climate crisis. However, high reaction pressures are required to conduct methanol synthesis because of poor catalytic performance of conventional catalysts, leading to high energy consumption. In this study, a novel strategy was applied to promote methanol synthesis by adsorption-enhanced CO2 hydrogenation. Catalysts made from Cu-ZnO-Al2O3 mixed with different hydrotalcite contents (named CZA-HT) were prepared by physically mixing a commercial copper-based catalyst for methanol synthesis with hydrotalcite for high temperature CO2 adsorption. In these catalysts, only the comm..

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