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alpha Klotho-FGF23 interactions and their role in kidney disease: a molecular insight

Edward R Smith, Stephen G Holt, Tim D Hewitson

Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences | SPRINGER BASEL AG | Published : 2019


Following the serendipitous discovery of the ageing suppressor, αKlotho (αKl), several decades ago, a growing body of evidence has defined a pivotal role for its various forms in multiple aspects of vertebrate physiology and pathology. The transmembrane form of αKl serves as a co-receptor for the osteocyte-derived mineral regulator, fibroblast growth factor (FGF)23, principally in the renal tubules. However, compelling data also suggest that circulating soluble forms of αKl, derived from the same source, may have independent homeostatic functions either as a hormone, glycan-cleaving enzyme or lectin. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is of particular interest as disruption of the FGF23-αKl axis i..

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