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Advancing Metal-Phenolic Networks for Visual Information Storage

Qiong Dai, Qun Yu, Yuan Tian, Xiaolin Xie, Aixin Song, Frank Caruso, Jingcheng Hao, Jiwei Cui

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces | American Chemical Society | Published : 2019


We report a facile inking strategy for visual information storage (e.g., writing, printing, and beyond) via surface modification of substrates with polyphenols and subsequent in situ formation of metal-phenolic networks (MPNs) on the substrates. The reported technique has several advantages compared with current printing techniques. Diverse substrates can be used to fulfill the requirements for different applications (e.g., printing, writing, painting, and stamping). A range of colors (e.g., yellow, blue, and green) can be realized using different polyphenols (e.g., tannic acid, gallic acid, and pyrogallol) and metal ions (e.g., CuII, FeIII, and TiIV). The disadvantages (e.g., ink precipitat..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by National Natural Science Foundation of China

Awarded by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation

Awarded by Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (J.C., 21603120 and 21872085; Q.D., 21802088), China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (Q.D., 2018M632662), Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province (Q.D., ZR2018BB036; J.H., ZR2018ZA0547).