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Cross-language perception of Italian and Japanese consonant length contrasts: a comparison of native Italian listeners with and without Japanese language learning experience

Kimiko Tsukada, John Hajek, Sasha Calhoun (ed.), Paola Escudero (ed.), Marija TABAIN (ed.), Paul Warren (ed.)

Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Melbourne, Australia | Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association Inc. | Published : 2019


Both Italian and Japanese use consonant length contrastively. We investigated whether there is any difference between two groups of native Italian speakers with different Japanese experience in their perception of native Italian and non-native Japanese length contrasts. One of the groups included 14 Italian learners of Japanese and the other group included 14 Italian speakers without knowledge of Japanese. These two groups and a control group of ten native Japanese speakers identified length contrasts in Italian and Japanese. The two Italian groups did not differ in identifying native Italian contrasts, but those who were learning Japanese outperformed their fellow Italian speakers without k..

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