Handbook of Music, Adolescents, and Wellbeing

Katrina McFerran, Philippa Derrington, Suvi Saarikallio, Philippa Derrington (ed.), Suvi Saarikallio (ed.), Katrina McFerran (ed.)

Oxford University Press, United Kingdom | Published : 2019


The Handbook of Music, Adolescents, and Wellbeing explores how young people use music to work with emotions, identity construction, and connectedness, drawing on perspectives from music therapy, music psychology, music education, and music sociology. Authors provide examples of how theory and research is applied in the practice of music therapists working with groups of adolescents and individuals in schools, communities, hospitals, and other institutions. Research into music and emotions is synthesized, and theories about music and identity construction are provided. The ways that young people use music for connections is explored with a particular emphasis on technology, as well as traditi..

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