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An afferent white matter pathway from the pulvinar to the amygdala facilitates fear recognition

Jessica McFadyen, Jason B Mattingley, Marta I Garrido



Our ability to rapidly detect threats is thought to be subserved by a subcortical pathway that quickly conveys visual information to the amygdala. This neural shortcut has been demonstrated in animals but has rarely been shown in the human brain. Importantly, it remains unclear whether such a pathway might influence neural activity and behavior. We conducted a multimodal neuroimaging study of 622 participants from the Human Connectome Project. We applied probabilistic tractography to diffusion-weighted images, reconstructing a subcortical pathway to the amygdala from the superior colliculus via the pulvinar. We then computationally modeled the flow of haemodynamic activity during a face-view..

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Australian Research Council Australian Postgraduate Award Jessica McFadyenAustralian Research Council Top-Up Scholarship Jessica McFadyenAustralian Research Council CE140100007 Jason B Mattingley Marta I GarridoAustralian Research Council Australian Laureate Fellowship (FL110100103) Jason B MattingleyUniversity of Queensland UQ Fellowship,2016000071 Marta I Garrido