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Evaluating the Genome and Resistome of Extensively Drug-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae using Native DNA and RNA Nanopore Sequencing

Miranda Pitt, Son Nguyen, Tânia PS Duarte, Mark AT Blaskovich, Matthew Cooper, Lachlan JM Coin

Published : 2018


ABSTRACT Klebsiella pneumoniae frequently harbour multidrug resistance and current methodologies are struggling to rapidly discern feasible antibiotics to treat these infections. While rapid DNA sequencing has been proposed for prediction of resistance profile; the role of rapid RNA sequencing has yet to be fully explored. The MinION sequencer can sequence native DNA and RNA in real-time, providing an opportunity to contrast the utility of DNA and RNA for prediction of drug susceptibility. This study interrogated the genome and transcriptome of four extensively drug-resistant (XDR) K. pneumoniae clinical isolates. The majority of acquired resistance (≥75%) resided on plasmids including sever..

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