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Estimating parasite load dynamics to reveal novel resistance mechanisms to human malaria

Michael Bretscher, Athina Georgiadou, Hyun Jae Lee, Michael Walther, Anna van Beek, Fadlila Fitriani, Diana Wouters, Taco Kuijpers, Davis Nwakanma, Umberto D’Alessandro, Eleanor Riley, Michael Levin, Lachlan Coin, Azra Ghani, David Conway, Aubrey Cunnington

Published : 2018


Improved methods are needed to identify host mechanisms which directly protect against human infectious diseases in order to develop better vaccines and therapeutics 1,2 . Pathogen load determines the outcome of many infections 3 , and is a consequence of pathogen multiplication rate, duration of the infection, and inhibition or killing of pathogen by the host (resistance). If these determinants of pathogen load could be quantified then their mechanistic correlates might be determined. In humans the timing of infection is rarely known and treatment cannot usually be withheld to monitor serial changes in pathogen load and host response. Here we present an approach to overcome this and identif..

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