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GtTR: Bayesian estimation of absolute tandem repeat copy number using sequence capture and high throughput sequencing

Devika Ganesamoorthy, Minh Duc Cao, Tania Duarte, Wenhan Chen, Lachlan Coin

Published : 2018


ABSTRACT Background Tandem repeats comprise significant proportion of the human genome including coding and regulatory regions. They are highly prone to repeat number variation and nucleotide mutation due to their repetitive and unstable nature, making them a major source of genomic variation between individuals. Despite recent advances in high throughput sequencing, analysis of tandem repeats in the context of complex diseases is still hindered by technical limitations. Methods We report a novel targeted sequencing approach, which allows simultaneous analysis of hundreds of repeats. We developed a Bayesian algorithm, namely – GtTR - which combines information from a reference long-read data..

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