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Integrated pathogen load and dual transcriptome analysis of systemic host-pathogen interactions in severe malaria

Hyun Jae Lee, Michael Walther, Athina Georgiadou, Davis Nwakanma, Lindsay Stewart, Michael Levin, Thomas Otto, David Conway, Lachlan Coin, Aubrey Cunnington

Published : 2017


The pathogenesis of severe Plasmodium falciparum malaria is incompletely understood. Since the pathogenic stage of the parasite is restricted to blood, dual RNA-sequencing of host and parasite transcripts in blood can reveal their interactions at a systemic scale. Here we identify human and parasite gene expression associated with severe disease features in Gambian children. Differences in parasite load explained up to 99% of differential expression of human genes but only a third of the differential expression of parasite genes. Co-expression analyses showed a remarkable co-regulation of host and parasite genes controlling translation, and host granulopoiesis genes uniquely co-regulated and..

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