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A new scoring system derived from base excess and platelet count at presentation predicts mortality in paediatric meningococcal sepsis

Alexessander Couto-Alves, Victoria J Wright, Karnan Perumal, Alexander Binder, Enitan D Carrol, Marieke Emonts, Ronald de Groot, Jan Hazelzet, Taco Kuijpers, Simon Nadel, Werner Zenz, Padmanabhan Ramnarayan, Michael Levin, Lachlan Coin, David P Inwald

CRITICAL CARE | BMC | Published : 2013


INTRODUCTION: The aim of this study was to derive a novel prognostic score for mortality in paediatric meningococcal sepsis (MS) based on readily available laboratory markers. METHODS: A multicentre retrospective cohort study for the consortium set and a single centre retrospective study for replication set. The consortium set were 1,073 children (age 1 week to 17.9 years) referred over a 15-year period (1996 to 2011), who had an admission diagnosis of MS, referred to paediatric intensive care units (PICUs) in six different European centres. The consortium set was split into a development set and validation set to derive the score. The replication set were 134 children with MS (age 2 weeks t..

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