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Protease inhibition dissociates recognition by macrophages from other features of constitutive apoptosis in the neutrophil

B Knepper-Nicolai, SB Brown, J Savill

Biochemical Society Transactions | Published : 1996


A key element of the physiological "program" of cell death by apoptosis is recognition and ingestion of the intact dying cell by macrophages, but little is known of the biochemical events occurring during programmed cell death which render apoptotic cells recognisable to phagocytes. Increasingly, proteases are recognised to play an important role in the cell death pathway, and the current study was designed to assess a possible role of these enzymes in neutrophil apoptosis and recognition by macrophages in vitro, a model of injury-limiting neutrophil clearance during resolution of inflammation in vivo. Normal peripheral blood-derived human neutrophils were cultured overnight in order that th..

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