Journal article

famCNV: copy number variant association for quantitative traits in families

Hariklia Eleftherohorinou, Johanna C Andersson-Assarsson, Robin G Walters, Julia S El-Sayed Moustafa, Lachlan Coin, Peter Jacobson, Lena MS Carlsson, Alexandra IF Blakemore, Philippe Froguel, Andrew J Walley, Mario Falchi



UNLABELLED: A program package to enable genome-wide association of copy number variants (CNVs) with quantitative phenotypes in families of arbitrary size and complexity. Intensity signals that act as proxies for the number of copies are modeled in a variance component framework and association with traits is assessed through formal likelihood testing. AVAILABILITY AND IMPLEMENTATION: The Java package is made available at CONTACT:

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Wellcome Trust

Awarded by Swedish Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was funded by Grant no. 079534/z/06/z from the Wellcome Trust. The SOS Sibpair study is supported by the Swedish Research Council (K2010-55X-11285-13), the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research to Sahlgrenska Center for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research, the Swedish Diabetes foundation and the Swedish federal government under the LUA/ALF agreement.