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Color-Switchable Polar Polymeric Materials

Wenlian Qiu, Paul A Gurr, Greg G Qiao

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces | American Chemical Society | Published : 2019


Spiropyran is an important mechanophore, which has rarely been incorporated as a cross-linker in polar polymer matrices, limiting its applications in innovative mechanochromic devices. Here, three spiropyrans with two- or three-attachment positions were synthesized and covalently bonded in polar poly(hydroxyethyl acrylate) (PHEA), to achieve color-switchable materials, triggered by light and when swollen in water. The negative photochromism in the dark and mechanical activation by swelling in water were investigated. Measurements of negative photochromism were conducted in solution and cross-linked PHEA bulk polymers, with both showing color reversibility when stored in the dark or on exposu..

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Awarded by Australian Government through the Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

W.Q. thanks the University of Melbourne for providing the Melbourne International Research Scholarships. This research was funded partially by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council. IH120100053 "Unlocking the Food Value Chain: Australian industry transformation for ASEAN markets."