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From Data to Causes II: Comparing Approaches to Panel Data Analysis

Michael J Zyphur, Manuel C Voelkle, Louis Tay, Paul D Allison, Kristopher J Preacher, Zhen Zhang, Ellen L Hamaker, Ali Shamsollahi, Dean C Pierides, Peter KOVAL, Ed Diener

Organizational Research Methods | SAGE Publications | Published : 2020


This article compares a general cross-lagged model (GCLM) to other panel data methods based on their coherence with a causal logic and pragmatic concerns regarding modeled dynamics and hypothesis testing. We examine three “static” models that do not incorporate temporal dynamics: random- and fixed-effects models that estimate contemporaneous relationships; and latent curve models. We then describe “dynamic” models that incorporate temporal dynamics in the form of lagged effects: cross-lagged models estimated in a structural equation model (SEM) or multilevel model (MLM) framework; Arellano-Bond dynamic panel data methods; and autoregressive latent trajectory models. We describe the implicati..

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