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Effect of thinning and burning fuel reduction treatments on forest carbon and bushfire fuel hazard in Eucalyptus sieberi forests of South-Eastern Australia

Liubov Volkova, Christopher J Weston



More frequent hot and windy weather in fire prone forested landscapes requires that a full suite of fuel reduction measures be investigated for effectiveness in fuel hazard reduction, environmental impact and carbon (C) outcomes. Although prescribed fire and thinning are routinely applied in forests of North America to reduce fuel loads, there are few detailed studies from Australia. We report the impacts of fuel reduction treatments including burning, mechanical thinning and the combination of both on forest C and fuel hazard in open forests dominated by Eucalyptus sieberi in south-eastern Australia. Carbon losses to the atmosphere and redistribution within the forest were calculated from s..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Authors acknowledge funds from VicForests as a part of the Mechanical Fuel Load Reduction Trial (MFLRT) overseen by the NSW Government on behalf of the Australian Government (http://www,,au/forestry/national/nbmp). We in particular would like to thank Scott Arnold (VicForests) for help with the implementation of the project. We are grateful to our volunteers with field measurements: Fedor Torgovnikov, Samuel Martin Sanchez, Ekaterina Torgovnikova, Zahlia Payne,julia Carina Milone, Cherise Sonkkila.