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A single cell brain atlas in human Alzheimer’s disease

Alexandra Grubman, Gabriel Chew, John Ouyang, Guizhi Sun, Xin Yi Choo, Catriona McLean, Rebecca Simmons, Sam Buckberry, Dulce Vargas Landin, Jahnvi Pflueger, Ryan Lister, Owen Rackham, Enrico Petretto, Jose Polo

Published : 2019


Abstract Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a heterogeneous disease that is largely dependent on the complex cellular microenvironment in the brain. This complexity impedes our understanding of how individual cell types contribute to disease progression and outcome. To characterize the molecular and functional cell diversity in the human AD brain we utilized single nuclei RNA- seq in AD and control patient brains in order to map the landscape of cellular heterogeneity in AD. We detail gene expression changes at the level of cells and cell subclusters, highlighting specific cellular contributions to global gene expression patterns between control and Alzheimer’s patient brains. We observed distinct ..

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