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Muscarinic receptor 1 allosteric modulators stimulate colorectal emptying in dog, mouse and rat and resolve constipation

Ruslan V Pustovit, Yasuo Itomi, Mitchell Ringuet, Shanti Diwakarla, Xin-yi Chai, Rachel M McQuade, Yasuhiro Tsukimi, John B Furness



BACKGROUND: Because M1 muscarinic receptors are expressed by enteric neurons, we investigated whether positive allosteric modulators of these receptors (M1PAMs) would enhance colorectal propulsion and defecation in dogs, mice, and rats. METHODS: The potencies of the M1PAMs, T662 or T523, were investigated using M1 receptor-expressing CHO cells. Effectiveness of M1PAMs on defecation was investigated by oral administration in mice and rats, by recording propulsive contractions in anaesthetized rats and by recording high amplitude propagating contractions in dogs. KEY RESULTS: PAM EC50 values in M1 receptor-expressing CHO cells were 0.7-1.8 nmol/L for T662 and 8-10 nmol/L for T523. The compound..

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