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Prosodic marking of focus in Nafsan

Janet Fletcher, Rosemary Billington, Nick Thieberger, Sasha Calhoun (ed.), Paola Escudero (ed.), Marija Tabain (ed.), Paul Warren (ed.)

Prosodic marking of focus in Nafsan | Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association | Published : 2019


Languages use a variety of means to realise informational structure categories like topicalisation and focus. The interaction between prosody and focus realisation strategies was examined in Nafsan, a Southern Oceanic language of Vanuatu, in a series of tasks that were designed to explore prosodic realisation of informational and contrastive focus on nouns that were subjects or objects in mini-dialogues where word-order was manipulated. All speakers produced utterance-initial or utterance-final focal elements with a major pitch movement associated with the focused noun (subject or object). Focused nouns were also realised with a wider pitch and often realised in their own prosodic phrase com..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council