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Cloning, expression, and vesicular localization of zinc transporter Dri 27/ZnT4 in intestinal tissue and cells.

C Murgia, I Vespignani, J Cerase, F Nobili, G Perozzi

Am J Physiol | Published : 1999


We have identified the Dri 27 cDNA on the basis of its upregulated expression during rat intestinal development. It encodes a hydrophobic protein of 430 amino acids that shares significant homology with members of the mammalian zinc transporter family ZnT. The murine homologue of Dri 27 (named ZnT4) was recently associated with the mouse mutation "lethal milk." The primary sequence of Dri 27/ZnT4 displays features characteristic of polytopic membrane proteins. In this paper, we show that Dri 27/ZnT4 is localized in the membrane of intracellular vesicles, the majority of which concentrate in the basal cytoplasmic region of polarized enterocytes. A Dri 27/ZnT4 myc-tagged construct, transiently..

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