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Use of a zinc fluorophore to measure labile pools of zinc in body fluids and cell-conditioned media

P Zalewski, A Truong-Tran, S Lincoln, D Ward, A Shankar, P Coyle, L Jayaram, A Copley, D Grosser, C Murgia, C Lang, R Ruffin



Here we describe a rapid and sensitive zinquin-based fluorometric assay that enables one to monitor levels of labile Zn(II) in body fluids, buffers, and cell-conditioned culture media as well as changes in these pools in disease. Labile pools of Zn(II) are free or loosely bound pools and more tightly bound but zinquin-accessible pools in contrast to the fixed pools of Zn(II) within metalloproteins. In human plasma, mean labile Zn(II) was 8.1 microM (SEM 0.53; n = 81) and constituted about 70% of the total plasma Zn(II) and >90% of human plasma albumin Zn(II). Plasma labile Zn(II) was significantly depleted after 7 days of Zn(II) deprivation in mice, despite only small changes in body weight...

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