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Diffusive Mobile MC for Controlled-Release Drug Delivery with Absorbing Receiver

TN Cao, A Ahmadzadeh, V Jamali, W Wicke, PL Yeoh, J Evans, R Schober

2013 National Conference on Communications, NCC 2013 | IEEE | Published : 2019


Nanoparticle drug carriers play an important role in facilitating efficient targeted drug delivery, i.e., improving treatment success and reducing drug costs and side effects. However, the mobility of nanoparticle drug carriers poses a challenge in designing drug delivery systems. Moreover, healing results critically depend on the rate and time duration of drug absorption. Therefore, in this paper, we aim to design a controlled-release drug delivery system with a mobile drug carrier that minimizes the total amount of released drugs while ensuring a desired rate of drug absorption during a prescribed time period. We model the mobile drug carrier as a mobile transmitter, the targeted diseased ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported in part by the Emerging Fields Initiative (EFI) of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg (FAU) and the STAEDTLER Stiftung.