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Salmonella from a Microtidal Estuary Are Capable of Invading Human Intestinal Cell Lines

Mahbubul H Siddiqee, Rebekah Henry, Ana Deletic, Dieter M Bulach, Rhys A Coleman, David T McCarthy



Faecal contamination poses health risks for the recreational users of urban estuaries. However, our understanding of the potential pathogenicity of faecal microbes in these environments is limited. To this end, a study was conducted to understand the spatial and seasonal distribution of Salmonella in water and sediments of the Yarra River estuary, Melbourne, Australia. Among 210 samples in total, culturable Salmonella were recovered from 27%, 17%, and 19% of water, bank, and bed sediment samples, respectively. The combined detection increased from 15% in winter to 32% in summer (p < 0.05) indicating seasonal variation as potential part of public health risk assessments. Further, pathogenic p..

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